My Blog: Comments are Re-Enabled on Article Pages

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 6:57 AM

When I launched my blog, I had comments disabled for the time being. The reason for this was that I was migrating all the comments from being stored in my engine to being stored and managed by a 3rd party service. After launch I got all the comments imported into the service I’m using (Disqus), but I was still having issues with comments showing up on my articles. Happy to say I finally got that sorted out.

What I had to do was add the Comments part in Orchard to the Page content type, but then update the file so that some pages (like the homepage, about page, articles listing page and the contact form page among others) didn’t have comments while real content pages (like my popular dual authentication & timer job articles) did have comments.

Orchard makes removing parts of a page easy with the file. The way you remove specific parts from specific pages in the file is by using the URL match capability and simply telling the engine to take a specific part and remove it with the minus symbol, like so:

I really like Orchard’s way to adding and removing parts to a page using this placement file. This update also included a lot of CSS fixes and other minor tweaks on the site.

And yes, for those who’ve emailed me, I still plan on writing a series of posts on migrating to Orchard and hosting on Azure. I had hoped to have more published by now, but the paying jobs just get in the way (plus a little Spring Break vacation with the family in Turks and Caicos helped too!). At any rate, they are coming in the next few weeks… thanks for your patience!

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