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Exciting news. My site's DNS is moving to the new location, built with MCMS 2002 SP1. Check out the latest blog category for more MCMS-specific updates.

Today is the date our site’s DNS is cutting over from the old site to the new site. We’ve worked on the old site for about 5-6 months and implemented it using Microsoft’s Content Managment Server 2002 SP1 . I’m about to embark on another MCMS project and since I learned a ton, accumulated a bunch of resources, and built a nice library of handy code snippets, I figured I’d create a category on my blog for MCMS specific stuff.

In former years, I worked on an application for my previous employer which we called AdmiNET that helped non-developers manage the content on their websites. The AdmiNET was not an out-of-the-box solution, more like a framework that developers would follow to implement AdmiNET controls/managers for future sites. So, with some CMS experience under my belt, I was eager to see what MCMS could provide. To sum it up, I was very pleased and happy with MCMS. In fact, I really enjoyed developing for it. I will say, that as much as I enjoyed it and found it easy to work with, there were quite a few things that I noticed that fell into the category of “this should easily be in the next version” or “I can’t believe MCMS doesn’t do this”… just depends on your outlook. Some of these were:

  • Lack of ability for forms to post off to another page/site.
  • will add more when I remember what they were

It’s very nice knowing that MCMS stores all your content, including content images (not site images) in a single SQL2000 database. Talk about making it easy to copy your site right off the development environment and setting it up on your laptop to test some “I’m going to push this to the limit and it may blow up” changes.

I started this post category to put a bunch of MCMS info that I come across as I found another user’s MCMS blog very helpful. I’ll continue to dump as much as possible into this category in the future.

Andrew Connell
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Written by Andrew Connell

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