My First SaaS Product: Kerrb – Automating the Cloud & Controlling your Spend

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 12:00 PM

Today is an exciting day for me. Today, in this post, I state my current plans for my first software product, a SaaS app. Well, technically this is my second SaaS app as I see my Pluralsight training courses as a SaaS app being that they generate recurring royalty revenues. Product development is something I’ve always wanted to do, armed with an idea that has a market and some key players who’ve expressed interest, now is as great a time as ever. For a while I’ve had the entrepreneur spirit to start and run my own business. In 2007 I first went out on my own as an independent consultant. In 2009 I co-founded a training company that I owned until February 2013. Now my focus is on building, launching and customer development of this new idea as a microprenuer / solofounder! This is a bootstrapped startup meaning this is self-funded / invested.

Introducing Kerrb – Automate the Cloud and Control your Expenses

So what is it? The product is called Kerrb, a play on the phrase “curb your spend” and is a joint venture with my good friend Chris Johnson. The primary and first feature of Kerrb will be to automatically turn off your virtual machines (VMs) that you have in Windows Azure based on a specific schedule. One of the biggest barriers to people using virtual machines in Windows Azure is paying for the VMs when they aren’t in use. I’ve shared my reasoning behind Kerrb on the Kerrb blog here: Using VMs for Dev, Test & Show – Perspectives from an Indie Consultant, Trainer and Presenter.

There are stories abound of companies who had a developer leave a VM or collection of VMs running for days or over the weekend or just overnight and then have to submit a big expense report. Kerrb will add a level of assurance that VMs won’t be left running overnight. Set your own schedule(s), get alerts via email & SMS when Kerrb is going to shut a VM off so you can postpone the action if you happen to be working late or in a different time zone.

Kerrb is a SaaS app (software-as-a-service) that means, for those who are unfamiliar with the term; customers will pay a monthly subscription price for use of the service. There will be nothing to install and configuration will be simple. Check out our site,, to learn more about the product, subscription options, preliminary pricing and signup for our mailing list.

At the present time we are announcing the product and collecting interest from prospective customers while we continue to build it out, marching to launch. If you’re interested in being a prospective customer I encourage you to signup for our mailing list to stay informed! We have posted preliminary pricing and will extend it to the early access customers on our mailing list, but prices may change as we approach launch. Later this week we will post our process and what you can expect over the next few months on the Kerrb blog, a place where we will also keep a diary of the process of launching a startup SaaS app!

For now you can keep informed of and connect with Kerrb in multiple ways:

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