Now Available: Mastering the SharePoint Framework - Starter Bundle

Monday, March 27, 2017 8:00 AM

In early February 2017, I published a free resource for developers looking to get into the SharePoint Framework (SPFx. That resource, a FREE 10-day email-based course on the development and build toolchain Microsoft selected for SPFx development has helped hundreds of developers get up to speed with the different development toolchain when compared to what traditional SharePoint developers are used to.

The response has been very humbling… don’t take my word for it, here is what a few people have said about it:

Thank you to everyone who went through the email course! If you’re interested in going through it, you can learn more and signup on my training site here: Understanding the SharePoint Framework Development Toolchain

Announcing the Release of the “Mastering the SharePoint Framework - Starter Bundle”

My plan from the start was to publish the on-demand video course I’m creating for developers, Mastering the SharePoint Framework, in three different bundles. The first bundle, called the Starter Bundle, would be a superset of what the email course covered.

Today I’m thrilled to let you know that the starter bundle is now available! You can head over and get it right now! Click this link to head to the offer and start learning today!. Best of all: this Starter Bundle of my course is FREE… yup! You can enroll and start watching the videos right away…

What does this starter bundle include? You will find three chapters in this course:

  1. The first chapter will serve as a course overview introducing you to the author, the course and what you can expect to find.
  2. The second chapter introduces you to the SharePoint Framework. After a brief look at the history of SharePoint development, I introduce the SPFx to you and show you what it looks like from an end user perspective.
  3. The third chapter covers the development & build toolchain. here you will learn about the tools you need to develop for SPFx and how to install them. In addition, I show you some cool tips and tricks for managing your Node.js installations regardless if you are on Windows or MacOS (check chapter 3, lesson 6). If you took the email course, this chapter will look familiar as the email course was based primarily on this chapter.

The idea behind the starter bundle is to provide enough information to developers on what the SharePoint Framework is and how to get their environment setup to start building stuff. I go right up to the point where you are ready to create your first client-side web part.

Want to learn more about the course, let me explain it to you in this video:

What’s next?

“Great, but where’s the rest of the course?"

Good question… that’s what I’m working on now. Look, to be honest I am a bit behind my original schedule. I waited until the v1.0 GA release of SPFx before I started recording as I didn’t want to re-record a lot of content post-GA in case there were a lot of changes.

I’ve already created a few more chapters for the two other course bundles, Fundamentals & Ultimate. In the coming, weeks these two bundles will be available for purchase so you can start being productive immediately with the SharePoint Framework!

Those who signup for the Starter bundle and get on my milaing list will get additional details on the next to bundles. In the next few, weeks I’ll share details on pre-release pricing, early access details and chapter lists. But only those on the mailing list will get this special pricing & early access so make sure you enroll today!

By the way… I want to give a special shout out & thanks to Keith Richie. I’m a big fan of Keith’s music and he allowed me to use some of his music as the backgound / theme for some of the lessons. I recommend you check out his music at

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