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***NOW AVAILABLE*** Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Beta 2 Technical Refresh

Microsoft has released SHarePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) Beta 2 technical refresh.

MOSS 2007 (and WSS v3) Beta 2 TR is now available. B2TR is delivered as a patch to B2, so if you don’t already have B2, then you’ll need to obtain & install B2 first. There is a slipstream method, but I’ve only tested the upgrade process… it isn’t that bad (as long as you follow the directions closely).

You basically have to uninstall the old beta of Windows Workflow (v2.2) that you installed for MOSS/WSS v3 Beta 2, stop all the search services (in SharePoint as well as in the Windows Services applet), install .NET Framework 3.0 RC1, then install WSS v3 B2TR patch & finally MOSS 2007 B2TR patch.

Some people have already posted some screencasts and walkthroughs of their install process. My experience had no hiccups, but I’ve already seen quite a few people have issues. Here are a few links to some of the screencasts out there:

» HOWTO: Install MOSS B2TR slipstream ( what is slipstream? B2 + B2TR in one installation) (I’ll update this post when the WSS & MOSS patch screencasts as well as the WSS slipstream install screencast is available)

If you install the clients, it’s a piece of cake. Install the Office Pro Plus update (which requires a reboot), then the SharePoint Designer update, and finally the Visio update. First time you run Outlook you’ll be prompted to get an update of the latest build of Windows Desktop Search (v3 Beta 2)… which is much better than the last version (we got our taskbar search box back!).

There’s one VERY important note: make sure you follow the directions in the MOSS 2007 & WSS v3 B2TR installation guides. If you don’t, there’s about a 0.1% chance you’ll succeed. If you think you’ll be fine double-clicking on the EXE, at least make a backup before you do it (because you’ll need it). If you do elect to ignore the install instructions, get ready for this fall’s blockbuster hit: “Snakes in my SharePoint.”

» SharePoint Team Blog: What you need to know before you double click update.exe

MOSS 2007/WSS v3 Beta 2 Tech Refresh fixes some 6,000+ bugs in Beta two, but more importantly, it addresses a TON of performance issues. For you WCM guys, you’ll quickly notice a few changes (a big one I’ll discuss in my next post). So far, B2TR is looking good for me (on the client & server)!

Servers: » WSS v3 B2TR (download) » WSS v3 B2TR Install Instructions » MOSS 2007 B2TR (download) » MOSS 2007 B2TR Install Instructions » .NET Framework v3.0 RC1 (download) » Office Forms Server 2007 B3TR (download) » Office Forms Server 2007 B2TR Install Instructions

Clients: » Office 2007 Professional Plus (clients) B2TR (download) » SharePoint Designer 2007 B2TR (download) » Visio 2007 B2TR (download) » Windows Desktop Search v3 Beta 2 for Windows XP x86 (KB97013) (download)

And… » search results for ‘2007officebeta2tr’

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