***NOW AVAILABLE*** Pluralsight's SharePoint 2013 Workflow - Advanced Topics

I'm excited to share that another one of my courses was published in Pluralsight's catalog: SharePoint 2013 Workflow - Advanced Topics.


Following up on a Pluralsight course I published in June 2013, SharePoint 2013 Workflow - Fundamentals, I’ve published a sequel called SharePoint 2013 - Workflow Advanced Topics. This course is available to all Pluralsight subscribers.

Course Description

Workflow changed quite a bit in the SharePoint 2013 release from previous versions of SharePoint. The new workflow platform is implemented with a new product called Workflow Manager 1.0. This course builds off what you learned in the SharePoint 2013 Workflow - Fundamentals course. In this course you will learn how SharePoint 2013, Workflow Manager 1.0 and Service Bus 1.0 interact to create a robust, reliable and scalable workflow platform, how to do advanced debugging of workflows you are creating as well as how to perform common tasks in today’s business world. This includes learning how to create custom forms, leverage the new Workflow Services client APIs and how to create custom actions and activities for Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer authored workflows.

Module 1: SharePoint 2013 and Workflow Manager 1.0 In-Depth

This module explains in detail the architecture that makes up the SharePoint 2013 workflow story including SharePoint 2013, Workflow Manager 1.0 and Service Bus 1.0.

Module 2: SharePoint 2013 and Workflow Manager 1.0 Debugging

This module covers the different options developers have in their toolbox to debug workflows they are building for SharePoint 2013 and Workflow Manager 1.0.

Module 3: The New Workflow Services Manager Client API

This module covers the different client APIs, both for managed and unmanaged code, that have been added to control the workflow surface in SharePoint 2013 and Workflow Manager 1.0.

Module 4: Creating Custom Forms for SharePoint 2013 Workflows

This module covers the background story for creating custom forms in SharePoint and guidance on how to create custom forms for SharePoint 2013 workflows.

Module 5: Creating Custom Reusable Activities and Actions for Workflows

This module covers creating custom activities for use in other SharePoint 2013 Visual Studio authored workflows as well as action files for using the activities within SharePoint Designer 2013 authored workflows.

Wait… what about web services?

One thing you may notice is the absence of a module on web services. That was in the original plan, but I ran into a little problem: I had way too much content on web services (nearly 3 hours… that would have doubled the length of this course)! The good news is there is another course dedicated to this topic: SharePoint 2013 Workflow - Web Services. I’m content complete and it’s just going through the finishing & verification process so you can expect to see another announcement blog post in the next few weeks… I promise!

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