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***NOW AVAILABLE*** SharePoint and Windows Azure Developer Training Kit - Summer Update

Microsoft updated their SharePoint & Windows Azure Developer training kits, a great resource from Microsoft's Developer & Platform Evangelism group.

I’ve been a slacker in posting about this cool new resource. Steve Fox over at the Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) group recently blogged about an update to a cool training resource available for SharePoint developers.

In July Microsoft refreshed the SharePoint & Windows Azure Developer Learning Kit which includes labs demonstrating how to integrate the two products. This is a pretty cool concept especially for those who need to break out of the sandbox in environments such as Office 365. We at Critical Path Training , specifically myself & Scot Hillier , were proud to contribute a handful of labs for this learning kit. You can tell one of them is mine … I was able to integrate one of my hobbies which is keeping an African Cichlid tank.

ยป SharePoint & Windows Azure Developer Learning Kit ยป SharePoint & Windows Azure Developer Learning Kit (offline download)

If you’re really into this topic you should also check out Steve’s book on Developing SharePoint Applications Using Windows Azure . It’s filled with tons of resources & pointers to other assets to get you started.

Andrew Connell
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