at v1.0.0 with full release coverage, an open-source project for Office UI Fabric samples, is now at v1.0.0 with full release coverage. Pascal Berger contributed typo fixes.

A few weeks back I mentioned I was working on an open source community project . This site was launched to have a live sample site for the Office UI Fabric which was missing.

Today I’m happy to say that the site is now v1.0.0 which means the site has full coverage of the Office UI Fabric v1.0.0 release of samples. I want to thank Pascal Berger who contributed a bunch of typo fix pull requests while I worked on the repo.

Last week the Office UI Fabric guys released an update, v1.1.0 , which includes a lot of fixes & improvements to the library. I’d strongly recommend you use that one. I’ve elected to not update the site to match these changes for now. Why?

Last week I had a chance to sit down and talk to the fabric team. They intend to have their own site that demonstrates all the components, but it isn’t ready and live yet. They do have a placeholder located at . Until then, I’ll leave this site up but when they go live, I don’t see a reason to have two sample sites up… so the site will remain up until Microsoft launches theirs. At that time I’ll redirect the domain to the the Microsoft sample site.

What about Office UI Fabric v1.1.0 Samples?

Do I plan to update the site for those changes? No… I don’t. Now let me explain why.

I’ve set aside a good amount of time to get this demo site up and running. I had hoped to see more community contribution for the demos, but I didn’t get any PR’s. That’s ok… I knew it was a long shot. But since this site has a limited life span, I don’t see a need to invest more time into it when it will likely only be around for another month or two at the most. If people want to update the site for changes to the Office UI Fabric v1.1.0 release, go for it… please submit PR’s and update the demos I created with the CodePens. Here’s what I suggest:

  • Fork the repo
  • Fork the CodePen(s) I used for a specific control and update them to work with v1.1.0 of the Office UI Fabric
  • Update the actual sample
  • Submit a PR pointing back to the v1.1.0 branch in the repo.

I’ll continue to watch the repo for PRs and get them merged in, but at this point I’ll turn it over to the community.

For now, I’m going to shift my focus to getting the ng-OfficeUIFabric project of the ground and get moving. That will be a suite of Angular 1.4.x+ directives that implement the Office UI Fabric. If you want to learn more about that project you can read my into post about it .

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