Orchard CMS vs. WordPress: It’s On!

Friday, October 18, 2013 6:28 AM

Every time I seem to publish a post on Orchard CMS, I get all this random and unsolicited input from people either asking why I didn’t use WordPress or that I should have used WordPress for my site. To be very clear: I know it’s an option but it isn’t what I wanted. I wanted to continue to tinker and extend the engine I was going to use and had zero interest in learning PHP for that task. Orchard CMS is a very robust and stable platform. So… to have a little fun, I put the two in a battle…

Orchard CMS

A continually evolving, community driven, open source and free solution for building ASP.NET, and applications that leverage its components.


An open sourced content management and blogging tool. It includes a template system and a plug in architecture that allows extension of the core installation.

If it were Orchard CMS vs. WordPress:


WordPress wins on popularity. As of earlier this year, of 10 million websites almost 20 percent used WordPress. More bloggers use the system more than any other.

First Rounds

Orchard CMS has the full support of Microsoft, so the platform will always be taken seriously. That means a strong support base in the developer community.

Compared to its opponent, WordPress is capable of substantially better speeds. When compared side by side, bloggers preferred it.

Of the two, Orchard CMS has the more flexible layout. The option for custom modules and plug ability allows creating custom types, placements and more. WordPress gets high marks for its range of themes. Orchard does use Razor View Engine but there aren’t as many theme options.

Thoughts: From the first swings in Orchard CMS vs. WordPress, it looks to be a matter of personal taste.

The Blows

Semantic Modeling

Orchard CMS has an administrative interface for creating custom content types. They can be utilized for custom content types. It’s one of the major areas in which WordPress falls short. Orchard CMS is capable of architecture that WordPress would find hard to achieve.

Winner: Orchard CMS


Orchard CMS has the smaller, yet it’s surprisingly accessible. CodePlex has been known to respond to bugs within a day. That’s unlikely to happen with WordPress. On the other hand, there likely isn’t a WordPress module that doesn’t already address an issue, a video on how to use it, as well as a blog that breaks it down.

Winner: WordPress

Designer Control

Customization is what WordPress is all about, yet it does require a degree of hacking at the module or theme. Orchard CMS was engineered for the creation of template alternatives. It has metadata files that allow serious high level formatting.

Winner: Orchard CMS

Final Round…

WordPress may have the greater audience, but Orchard CMS will always be a step ahead as a new product and technology with a solid design. For the novice, Orchard is the place to start with its flexibility. From an administrative standpoint, it’s similar to Joomla and can be used productively in a short period of time. WordPress is essentially a blog engine.

Final decision: In the battle of Orchard CMS vs. WordPress, Orchard CMS takes the belt for its ease of use and the potential for future development.

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