Presenting at IT/Dev Connections in San Francisco on the SharePoint Framework

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 10:30 AM

In a few weeks time, I’ll be presenting at the IT/Dev Connnections conference in San Francisco, CA the week of October 23-26. The topic of my two sessions: SharePoint Framework naturally! They are currently running a special $250 discount through October 16th if you’re looking to join us!

My two sessions are as follows:

Building Client Web Parts with the SharePoint Framework

Creating client-side web parts in the SharePoint Framework is the recommended extensibility model from Microsoft. This new approach to SharePoint customization is very different from the classic web part development experience… and it isn’t just the artifact you build, the whole development toolchain is different! In this session, you will learn the fundamentals for creating client web parts using the SharePoint Framework so you can hit the ground running with this new SharePoint development model: the SharePoint Framework.

Modern UI Extensions with the SharePoint Framework – Command Sets, Application and Field Customizers

Microsoft has extended the SharePoint Framework from the initial release of introducing client-side web parts to provide ways to extend the user experience. These new additions enable customizations available in previous development model options in SharePoint. In this session, you will learn about command sets (what you knew as custom actions), field customizers (what you knew as JSLink) and application customizers (which are similar to what you knew as delegate controls). You will see how to use the SharePoint Framework to not just deploy client-side web parts, but also extend the SharePoint user experience with these new capabilities!

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