Presenting at SPFest Chicago December 5-8, 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017 10:30 AM

I’m presenting at SPFest Chicago December 5-8, 2017 and I can’t wait! I’m doing a workshop and two breakout sessions at this event.

Interested in joining me? Head over to the SPFest Chicago site and register today.

Full Day Workshop: Mastering the SharePoint Framework (WS106)

Are you looking for a fully immersive experience to get up to speed on the SharePoint Framework? I’m bringing the on-demand video class I’m working on for Voitanos to SPFest Chicago as a full day workshop!

In this workshop, you will learn what the SharePoint Framework is all about, what is involved in getting your environment setup to be productive and how to build custom components. We will go from using no web frameworks to leveraging React and Angular, working with external data and even deploying your projects to CDNs.

By the end of the day, you will be well on your way to being a SharePoint Framework Master as you will get experience in building client-side web parts and extensions.

Attendees of this workshop will get very special offer for my course that will be filled with even more goodness!

Robust, Highly Available, Reliable & Scalable Eventing with SharePoint Webhooks

In the past, SharePoint gave developers a few different options for event handling. It started with server-side events in SharePoint 2003 through 2010, then we got remote event receivers in SharePoint 2013. These options worked but were not ideal. The latest option is to leverage webhooks, which is by far the best option of all!

In this session, you will learn the basics of working with webhooks for SharePoint as well as Microsoft Graph and learn some tips and tricks on how to best implement handlers for webhooks using Azure Functions to make the most reliable and reliable handlers. We will even look at how you can port remote event receiver handlers to leverage this same pattern.

Developers, The Case for Microservices and Containers for Dev Environment & Your Next App

As a developer, it has been impossible to miss this container wave sweeping over our industry over the last few years. So many of the popular tech companies boast how containers have helped their business! While a tool for only the savviest for a while, containers have matured significantly that all developers can now consider adding them to their workflow and toolbox… however, not everything belongs in containers.

In this session, we will first look at how adopting containers within your development process can benefit your organization. Then we will explore why a microservice-based application, implemented using containers, makes a lot of sense for many types applications. You will walk away with some examples and ideas on how you can improve your developer life using containers.

In addition, the next time you architect an application you will be well prepared to evaluate if containers are a good fit.

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