"The" SharePoint Developer conference is just over a week away: Office Developer Conference 2008 in San Jose, CA

Thursday, January 31, 2008 2:57 PM

Are you a SharePoint developer? Any chance you’re on the bench and looking for a good SharePoint development experience? You should check out the Office Developer Conference, FEB 10-14 in San Jose, CA. It is *the* premier SharePoint developer conference IMHO this year.

The SharePoint Conference in March is not really positioned for developers, more for admins and information workers than developers. Check out the session list for the ODC tracks… it’s going to rock!

I’m working to find another time/place for SharePoint by Day, SharePint by Night event… stay tuned!

[Updated 2/4 11:15p] Probably won’t be doing a SharePint for ODC. There just aren’t enough nights. I can’t get to San Jose until late (the joys of air travel and flying from the US east coast) Sunday night. With the conference attendee party on Tuesday night and the conference wrapping up mid-day Wednesday and other events on Monday… sorry all. Hopefully we can make it work for SPC in Seattle!

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