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Recent CMS 2002 KB's and Updated Woodgrove project source for SP2

There have been a handful of MCMS 2002 knowledge base articles posted on Microsoft’s support site in the last few weeks:

After upgrading to CMS 2002 SP2, maybe you still want to kick the tires of Woodgrove for some reason… I’m really wondering why, but that’s beside the point. Today I had to. There’s a great HOWTO on Spece’s MCMSFAQ site explaining how to go about upgrading Woodgrove. Only thing is there’s a lot of manual work to do in the code. After running through it, I’ve zipped up the source of the WoodgroveNet site (by default found in the Sample Data directory in the CMS installation directory) after making these changes to save you some time from having to run through this task:

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I’ve also updated my MCMS 2002 SP2 resources page with this info & updated links to all the KB’s that have been released (previously they were just pointing to Stefan Goßner ’s blog.

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