See All Azure AD & Office 365 Apps, And Usage, in the Azure Management Portal

Sunday, February 22, 2015 8:26 AM

[Updated February 25, 2015 @11a ET] - Looks like this was a bit of a regression that included more stuff than we were supposed to see, but hints are future updates. See this twitter convo for details.

So I logged into my Azure portal this morning and went over to the Active Directory applet to get some screenshots for a few blog posts I’m working on and poof… there were a ton of changes!

If you go to the Applications page in your Azure AD in the old portal, you’ll see a little filter at the top of the page now.

There are two options in that selector: applications my company uses and applications my company owns. That’s curious. So I first select the “my company owns” and I see all the Azure AD applications I have created to use with Office 365 API projects and those I’m using to leverage Azure AD as my federated authentication for custom websites.

But when I flip over to “my company uses” the list just got huge! Now I can see every single SharePoint app I’ve installed in my Office 365 tenant as you can see from the ones I’ve listed as #1 in the screenshot below, as well as apps I’ve acquired from the Office store (see #2 in the screenshot) and even some that Microsoft provides that I am using (see #3).

So I clicked in a little further and saw some other very cool stuff… there’s Yammer, Lync, Office 365 Configure, Power BI… this is pretty cool.

Clicking into some of these apps just provides details about the app, such as those provided by Microsoft like Lync or Power BI. But if you click on one of your own apps, like this one I created to play with the SharePoint Workflow Services CSOM, I can see usage on the app.

If you have Azure AD Premium, I could get a detailed usage report on the app. Neat!

So now I have an administration interface where I can see all apps I’m using in my Azure & Office 365 tenant, I can see their usage and what users have access to them! This is darn cool… now, I bet there’s some API somewhere we can call against Azure AD to get a list of those apps. Damn these Azure guys are innovating and rev’ing so fast… good times!

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