Selling a car online attracts plenty of scammers

Monday, September 10, 2018 1:35 PM

We decided to try selling our car in a private party sale rather than a trade-in as you can get much more selling it than you can with a trade in. This was the first time I’ve done a private party sale, and it’s not sold yet, but one thing I’ve learned is how this process brings out so many scammers.

A few days after posting the listing on AutoTrader & the Facebook Marketplace, I received a text from “Charles”. At first, Charles seemed like a wholesaler but knowing there are plenty of online scams out there, I was going to play it cautious.

I’m sharing the exchange below for the benefit of others to avoid getting taken as the fool. I played along but in no way was I ever going to release my car without my bank telling me that the money was mine and there was absolutely no way to have the money reversed or clawed back. Yes, I know cashiers checks can be reversed after a period of time… hence why I was relying on what my bank to give me the OK.

The process started to smell a little fishy with the broken English, but when “Charles” wouldn’t share the information I requested, pick up the phone when I called, or best of all, finally asked me to pay his shippers with the extra funds he was going to send me, that’s what I was finally done in even playing the game.

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