SharePoint Devs: Let Me Do the Hard Work of Keeping You Updated on the Latest News with my Newsletter

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 7:34 PM

Are you a SharePoint developer?

Do you have trouble staying on top of the latest news and announcements from Microsoft?

Feel like you are missing out on the latest releases, webcasts, samples or components?

Didn’t catch that great blog post by your favorite blogger or not know about that other blogger?

Wouldn’t it be easier to get these delivered straight to your inbox? You can!

A few months ago I created a regular newsletter Latest News in the SharePoint Dev Space where I curate all these great sources and news in one single email, delivered straight to your inbox. I’m up to issue #18 and have made some big changes to it that I wanted to share.

Three Different Sections

I’ve expanded the newsletter and reorganized it a bit recently to cover three different types of news:

In The News

This first section highlights important SharePoint, Graph and Office 365 developer related news, announcements, and updates.

How do I keep track of these announcements? Every morning I review specific Microsoft blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter handles and many more resources, flagging the items that would make sense to highlight in the next newsletter.

New & Updated Resources

Specifically for SharePoint Framework developers, Microsoft is using GitHub to not only host all documentation but sample components as well as PnP reusable controls. Within this section, I watch for updates as well as new resources added to the SharePoint organization on GitHub and call them out.

How do I keep track of these? Every morning I review the comments to specific repositories for things that should be highlighted and add them to the list. Sounds like a lot to go through, but I’ve got some time optimization techniques up my sleeve. ;)

In the Community

Community bloggers are a huge part of the SharePoint development news space.

How do I keep track of these? Every few days I look at the blogs I subscribe to and flag posts that should be highlighted in the next newsletter.

New Design

The most recent installment, issue #18 that is starting to be distributed now, features a brand new design. While I know SharePoint development, I don’t know good newsletter design so I hired a great designer to improve on my first attempt. Here’s what the latest issue looks like… what do you think?

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