Sign Up for the Office 365 Developer Program!

Thursday, May 21, 2015 3:52 PM

At the Build conference a few weeks ago the Office 365 Developer team announced a new Office 365 Developer Program for developers working with Office 365, SharePoint, the Office client… anything related to Office!

By signing up you get a Free Office 365 Developer Tenant! This is a free one-year Office 365 tenant. This will save you from having to create and pay the monthly costs associated with a typical Office 365 account.

In addition, what in my mind might be the biggest reason to signup is that Microsoft send a monthly newsletter that includes information about what’s new for developers that month, upcoming events & webinar schedules. This is huge… with a platform that’s improving so frequently, it’s hard to know what’s new so with this you’ll get the news right in your inbox!

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