Speaking at Nintex InspireX in February 2017 on Microservices and Containers for Developers

Monday, December 12, 2016 2:24 PM

Nintex Inspire 2017

I’m excited to be in New Orleans, Louisiana February 13-15, 2017 to be speaking at the Nintex InspireX conference. InspireX is Nintex’s 2nd annual customer and partner conference where you can learn from 3 days of content & network to help you improve how you work.

At InspireX, I will be presenting to developers on the topic of leveraging microservices & containers to improve your workflow. My session is Developers, The Case for Microservices and Containers for Dev Environment & Your Next App:

As a developer, it has been impossible to miss this container wave sweeping over our industry over the last few years. So many of the popular tech companies boast how containers have helped their business… from Twitter to Nintex to Uber and even Nintex! While a tool for only the savviest for a while, containers have matured significantly that all developers can now consider adding them to their workflow and toolbox… however not everything belongs in containers. In this session, we will first look at how adopting containers within your development process can benefit your organization. Then we will explore why a microservice-based application, implemented using containers, makes a lot of sense for many types applications. You will walk away with some examples and ideas on how you can improve your developer life using containers. In addition, the next time you architect an application you will be well prepared to evaluate if containers are a good fit.

Interested in learning more and registering? Check out the conference site at https://www.nintex.com/company/events-webinars/events/inspirex

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