Speaking at Technorama in May 2017 on Angular 2, Office Addins and SharePoint Framework Development

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 10:12 AM

I’m excited to be in Antwerp, Belgium for the first time presenting May 22-24, 2017 at the Techorama conference! Techorama is a yearly international technology conference which takes place at Metropolis Antwerp. At Techorama over 1500 attendees, including a healthy mix between developers, IT Professionals, Data Professionals and SharePoint professionals, get a mix of workshops and breakout sessions. Their commitment is to create a unique conference experience with quality content and the best speaker line-up.

I am presenting two breakout sessions and a full day workshop at this conference on various subjects which I’ve listed below. The workshop is limited to a maximum of 30 registrations so if you’re interested, make sure to register early! Interested in attending? Check out the first workshops & 60 sessions they announced today at their site here: [https://techorama.be/](https://techorama.be/) - **WORKSHOP**: [Get up to Speed on Angular 2](https://techorama.be/workshops/get-speed-angular-2/) Maybe you worked with Angular 1 and you’re looking to learn Angular 2. Or maybe Angular is brand new to you? Either way, this workshop is for you! In this full-day workshop, we will explore the fundamentals of Angular 2 and learn what’s involved with creating custom applications using this powerful client-side web framework. You will see how to create a component based application using TypeScript and leverage the component router for a great end-user experience. Along the way, you will learn tips and tricks that you can leverage in your applications. During this workshop we will create a custom application that covers topics you will most likely run across in the applications you need to build such as navigation, calling 3rd party services using both Promises and RxJS as well as leveraging external libraries. During this workshop, you are free to follow along with your own laptop, but feel free to sit back and just absorb the steps. You’ll walk away with a complete repo so you can follow the steps in on your own at a later date as well. - **SESSION**: [Building Office Add-ins for Outlook with Angular 2](https://sched.co/9M8B) Microsoft Office clients, from Outlook to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and even OneNote support an extensibility option. Developers can build add-ins which are web applications that can reach into, be called and interact with the hosting Office client application. In this session, you will learn how you can use Angular 2 to create custom add-ins for Outlook. These add-ins will work wherever you use Outlook, from Windows to MacOS to the web client or even mobile clients. The techniques and skills learned in this session can be used to also create add-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. - **SESSION**: [Building Client Web Parts with the SharePoint Framework ](https://sched.co/9M8l) Creating client-side web parts in the SharePoint Framework is the recommended extensibility model from Microsoft. This new approach to SharePoint customization is very different from the classic web part development experience… and it isn’t just the artifact you build, the whole development tool chain is different! In this session, you will learn the fundamentals for creating client web parts using the SharePoint Framework so you can hit the ground running with this new SharePoint development model: the SharePoint Framework.

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