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Last week I participated in the SP Live 360 conference in Orlando, FL. To everyone who attended, thanks for coming to a fantastic show! You know very well how great the show was and how interactive the attendees and speakers were! You can see some of the photos from the show in this album on Picasa.

I had quite a few responsibilities at this show... more than any other conference I've participated in! I had a workshop on SharePoint 2013 workflow, I co-presented the keynote with my good friend & fellow conference co-chair Dan Holme as well as four breakout sessions. Dan & I talked about the different challenges & questions we saw people were grappling with as it related to SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 and provided some guidance on how people should proceed and approach some common challenges they faced.

I also had a handful of breakout sessions and a workshop as I mentioned above:

  • SPH04 Building a Content Site Using SharePoint Server 2013 Web Content Management: Start to Finish
    Microsoft made significant investments in SharePoint 2013 in the area of Web Content Management (WCM). In this latest release WCM has been re-architected to leverage taxonomies for navigation and search and serving content directly out of the search index. In this demo-heavy session you will see how to create a WCM site, implement a managed navigation using taxonomies and surface content from across multiple data sources, how to implement a custom brand and leverage search to its fullest potential in creating rich and dynamic content-based sites!
    » session materials, slides & demos
  • SPT10 Building SharePoint Hosted Apps as Single Page Apps
    Unlike cloud apps, SharePoint Hosted Apps cannot have a server footprint on the SharePoint host. Instead all custom business logic is manifested and runs within the user’s browser. This can prove to be a challenge with some developers who are used to working with the server-side object model in SharePoint. In this session you’ll learn some tricks on how to make JavaScript / client-side development easier and at the same time how you can make your SharePoint Hosted App into a single-page app that’s very responsive and user friendly very quickly!
    » session materials, slides & demos
  • SPW13 SharePoint 2013 Workflows - Creating Custom Forms, Events and CSOM
    By now you've likely already explored the new capabilities and architecture of workflow in SharePoint 2013 and Workflow Manager. One of the more powerful and compelling things Microsoft has added in SharePoint 2013's workflow story is a client side object model for interacting with the workflow engine as well as creating custom forms. In this session you'll learn how to employ both of these to create custom association and initiation forms, as well as how to have a random form communicate with a currently running workflow using custom events.
    » session materials, slides & demos
  • SPH08 Automating Business Processes with Workflows using SharePoint Designer 2013
    Going all the way back to SharePoint 2007, Microsoft has provided a way for end users, site owners and power users to create automated business processes using workflows and SharePoint Designer. SharePoint 2013 builds on this by adding some new authoring capabilities for building workflows using SharePoint Designer 2013. In this session you'll learn how to use SharePoint Designer 2013 to create workflows that call web services, use the new visual designer and build powerful business processes, all without any code!
    » session materials, slides & demos
  • SPF01 Workshop: Everything You Wanted to Know about Workflow in SharePoint 2013
    The workflow story changed a great bit in the latest release of SharePoint 2013. In this full-day workshop you will learn how it changed and how to create custom workflows. We'll explore not only creating custom workflows using SharePoint Designer 2013, but also robust workflows using Visual Studio 2012. You'll learn how to consume web services, create custom tasks, interactive forms and push workflow to the limits. It doesn't matter if you are limited to a specific deployment like on-premises or Office 365 as everything you'll learn will apply to both types!
    » session materials, slides & demos
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