SPTechCon Austin, TX Followup | Microsoft Graph + SharePoint Framework

Thursday, April 6, 2017 1:46 PM

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to present a few sessions at the SPTechCon conference in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, my trip home hasn’t gone as planned as I’m not on my third flight option after two cancellations due to the bad weather in the southeast US still impacting flights… so I had time to get this post done.

One of my sessions covered the Microsoft Graph. This session covered the basics of getting started with the Microsoft Graph including app registration, authentication & understanding what it was. Then I spent the majority of the time taking a look at some of the different tools and samples Microsoft has to offer. If you haven’t checked out the quick starts and samples on the Microsoft Graph site, take a few minutes. That team has done an incredible job with their samples! I also spent some time during the session covering delta query, webhooks and schema extensions.

The other two sessions were on the SharePoint Framework. Bob German and I tag-teamed a 3-part full day track on the SharePoint Framework. In part 2 of the track, I walked through creating a web part from start to finish with no JavaScript framework. Then in part 3, we had a lively discussion on React, Angular, Office UI Fabric and how to make sense of all the options before I built a web part using Angular 1.6.

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