Status Update for my SharePoint 2013 Advanced Workflow Pluralsight Course

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 10:20 AM

Earlier this year I released a course on Pluralsight on SharePoint 2013 Workflow - Fundamentals for developers. In my blog post announcing the course, I told people I was working on a sequel to this course, an advanced version, that would go into a lot more depth on workflow in SharePoint 2013… I also pointed to a specific page on my site, Pluralsight’s SharePoint 2013 - Workflow Advanced Topics, that I would keep updated.

At the time I expected I would be able to get the advanced course out within a few months, but some personal & work issues, as well as a little ambitious scope creep got the best of me. I’ve updated the course page I liked to above with more details on the course. At the present time five (5) of the six (6) modules are complete and have been submitted. I’m now wrapping up the last module and shooting for a final delivery and publication sometime later this month (December 2013). That may slip a bit into January 2014 based on holiday schedules and timelines… but we’re close!

I think SharePoint 2013 workflow developers will really like what I’ve done in this course. Here’s a rundown of the modules and what you can expect to see!

  • Module 1: SharePoint 2013 Workflow In-Depth

    Understand all the details of how workflow works under the covers in SharePoint, including UML sequence diagrams and animations showing how messages & events flow between the user, the user experience, SharePoint 2013, Workflow Manager and Service Bus.

  • Module 2: Debugging SharePoint 2013 Workflows

    Understand all the options you have for debugging your workflows.

  • Module 3: The New Workflow Services Manager Client API

    New to SharePoint 2013 is the addition of a full client object model (CSOM) implementation of the workflow API. In this module I show you how to do everything including get a list of all installed workflows, validate & install workflows; list, create & modify associations; list, create, modify, terminate and interact with running instances… all from a console app that connects to the workflow API over HTTP[S]

  • Module 4: Creating Custom Forms for SharePoint 2013 Workflows

    Ever want to know how to create custom association forms and initiation forms? I not only show you how to do this, but also how to create custom forms that talk to running workflow instances!

  • Module 5: Workflows and Web Services

    This might be the "money shot" module of the course. In this module we go further than most demos that simply consume web services... I will show you how to write to 3rd party web services, how to interact with the SharePoint 2013 REST services and run as an app. But that's not all... one common thing I hear is people wanting to work with authenticated web services. So I show you how to create your own custom web service that is secured and then how to create your workflow to first authenticate and then interact with the web service.
  • Module 6: Creating Custom Activities and Actions for SharePoint 2013 Workflows

    Finally, in the last module I show you how to extend the activities available to create your own custom activities that can be used in SharePoint apps or solutions both in Visual Studio authored workflows and those authored with SharePoint Designer 2013!

Sorry for the delay in getting this course to you, but I think you will be very happy with it once it’s live and available. Stay tuned and watch my blog, follow me on Twitter, or follow the Pluralsight blog or on Twitter to see when the course is available!

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