Talking SharePoint Framework Development on the 2GuysAndSharePoint Podcast

Friday, March 3, 2017 5:47 AM

Earlier this week I sat down with Alistair Pugin to talk about SharePoint & Office 365 development. During this interview, I got a bit candid on my thoughts on the SharePoint Framework, what Microsoft is trying to achieve as well as what we can expect from it going forward.

Check out the interview:

Episode 22 - Andrew Connell - The Dev’s Dev, SPFx, news

The one and only “Peoples Developer”. The legendary Andrew Connell is on the show! He lays down the law about development in SharePoint and Office 365 and gave us the best explanation of what the SharePoint Framework really is. And also gives us insight into where SharePoint development is going and how to get started in the space. This plus the usual news about new and exciting stuff in the Microsoft space.

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