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TechEd 2014 - Office, Office 365 & SharePoint Recap

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Microsoft made a little news this past week at TechEd 2014 in the Office, Office 365 and SharePoint space with a few announcements. I’m going to give you a few highlights and provide links to the announcements where you can get more details. Improvements received a host of improvements last week. Microsoft introduced some advanced inbox rules so you can create multi-condition & multi-action rules so you can automate the organization of your inbox. You can now do things like “If an unread email is older than 3 days and is from one of my contacts, mark it as important and flag it.”

In addition, Microsoft added undo support by just hitting CTRL + Z or the undo button to pull that email you didn’t mean to delete out of the deleted items folder.

Similar to Office 365’s mail support, replies in can now be done inline… no more opening up another window to draft a message.

For more information, check the Office Blog post: introduces the most sophisticated rules in webmail .

OneDrive for Business Updates

Last week Microsoft added some improvements to the user experience in OneDrive for Business. First you’ll find what they are calling Simple Controls which are quick menu items that you can use to create a new document, upload, sync, edit, manage and share documents within the library… not more having to jump into the ribbon to access these features.

Another new view is the Site Folders. This allows you to jump straight to a document library within a site that you are following from your OneDrive for business view.

OneDrive for Business also received a smart search capability. You can start typing for something in the search box and it will immediately start showing results for matching results the search engine is finding.

For more information and to see some of the other user interface improvements to OneDrive for Business, check the OneDrive blog post: OneDrive for Business updates web user experience .

Office 365 API Tools Released

A few months ago Microsoft announced a new set of REST API’s for Office 365. Well last week they announced the preview of some new developer tools for these API’s in Visual Studio. These tools include some client libraries that will make it easier to authenticate and discover what some of the APIs available to you, easily use the APIs for Mail, Calendar and Contacts as eel as the My Files and Sites API’s.

For more information, check the Office blog: .NET & JavaScript Libraries for Office 365 APIs or just download and start playing around with the tools: Visual Studio Gallery: Office 365 API Tools - Preview .

SharePoint Autohosted Apps Preview Program Discontinued

As I covered in a previous post, Microsoft announced they were stopping the preview program for SharePoint Autohosted Apps. For more information, check out my previous post on this topic .

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