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telerik r.a.d.controls MCMS Edition Q2 2005 released

From the telerik team:

Dear Ajay, telerik is pleased to announce the release of r.a.d.controls MCMS Edition Q2 2005 - the special bundle of ASP.NET components tailored for tight integration with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. The new volume introduces three major updates, which aim to significantly enhance the UI richness of MCMS-based application. In Q2 professionals will find the long-awaited r.a.d.editor MCMS Premium Edition v5.0 (based on its newest ASP.NET counterpart ) as well as MCMS Edition v3.2 and r.a.d.tabstrip MCMS Edition v2.0.

The new major release of the leading WYSIWYG editor, telerik r.a.d.editor, presents a rich set of features, which bring browser-based content authoring almost to the level of convenience and familiarity of desktop word processors, like Microsoft Word®. Among the novelties are: multilevel Undo/Redo with action trails, dockable and floating toolbars, multiple editors with a single toolbar, custom context menus, system modules, new features for pasting from Word, client-side API, and much more.

r.a.d.**menu **has been greatly improved as well to deliver full keyboard support – an important accessibility requirement. End-users can now utilize shortcuts, access-keys, and arrow-key navigation. Also new is the design-time support, screen-boundaries detection, client-side API, etc.

Equally interesting are the improvements in the new version 2.0 of the r.a.d.**tabstrip **component. The tab content area is now logically separated from the labels and can be placed anywhere on the page. Developers can now easily build hierarchical tab structures and take advantage of the other enhancements like expand effects, full keyboard support, multi-language support, etc.

For full product descriptions and feature lists, please visit or try the on-line examples at . To request a fully functional free trial, please logon your account and go to “Trial.”

r.a.d.controls MCMS is available with 4 different licenses:- Server (unlimited CPUs, unlimited developers)- Server Subscription (same as above plus free version updates for 1 year) - Enterprise Subscription (unlimited servers, free version updates for 1 year)- Enterprise Subscription and Source Code (same as above plus full source code)For detailed licensing information, please visit .

The free Lite version of r.a.d.editor MCMS can be downloaded at .

Regards, the telerik team.

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