Upgrading a SharePoint 2007 WCM site to SharePoint 2010 WCM

I documented my demo on upgrading a SharePoint 2007 WCM site to SharePoint 2010, featuring the Adventure Works Travel sample site.

Over the last year I’ve demonstrated a few times how to upgrade a SharePoint 2007 WCM site to SharePoint 2010 at various conferences such as the SharePoint Conference in October 2009 and TechEd 2010. While there are plenty of ways to do this, I thought I’d document my demo for others to duplicate in their own environment.

You may be familiar with the Adventure Works Travel sample SharePoint 2007 Publishing site Microsoft released in 2009. That sample included a lots of content in a content database along with a slew of code in various solutions (*.wsp’s). First I simplified things by stripping down as much of the code dependencies and moved to making it as close to a content database only upgrade. I then used the database attach method of upgrading the site collection (not something I’d do in the real world, but it works here). Once that’s done the site collection works just find in SharePoint 2010.

Next the article demonstrates how to upgrade the site from the SharePoint 2007 UI to the SharePoint 2010 UI using the visual upgrade process. This includes creating a new custom master page and adding the ribbon to the new UI.

At this point there are a few things that break expectedly because of a conflict between the Adventure Works Travel custom UI and the new SharePoint 2010 UI. For instance, the multilingual user interface (MUI) controls aren’t registered in the custom master page and the breadcrumb control is now included in the ribbon which will cause an issue as there will now be two content placeholders with the same name.

The article demonstrates how to resolve these few issues in order to get the ribbon added to the page and upgrade Adventure Works Travel from SharePoint 2007 Web Content Management to SharePoint 2010 Web Content Management.

Andrew Connell
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Written by Andrew Connell

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