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Webinar Get Microsoft 365 Developer Certified Explore Microsoft Graph (webinar recording)

Did you miss yesterday's webinar on Microsoft Graph in my 'Get Microsoft 365 Dev Certified!' series? No worries! It was recorded & you can watch it over on the Voitanos blog right now!

Did you miss yesterday’s webinar on Microsoft Graph in my “Get Microsoft 365 Dev Certified!” series? No worries! It was recorded & you can watch it over on the Voitanos blog right now! click here to watch the recording.

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Get Microsoft 365 Dev Certified: Microsoft Graph

Info: What's this all about?

Microsoft released a new certification in November 2019 for Microsoft 365 developers. The Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate certification measures developers across five (5) primary workloads in Microsoft 365. Developers must pass a single exam, the MS-600: Building Applications & Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services, to achieve this certification.

I was deeply involved in working with Microsoft as they created the certification, exam, and associated materials. In this webinar, I walked you through Microsoft Graph, one of the five workloads the MS-600 exam will test you on. You’ll learn what topics are covered, what you need to focus on, what resources are available to you, and have an opportunity to ask questions. This isn’t an exam prep or some shortcut to pass the exam.

Each webinar in the series will answer the following questions:

  • What topics are covered for the specific workload by the exam?
  • What programming languages or web frameworks do I need to know?
  • What topics should I focus on studying?
  • What topics can I ignore?
  • How would you recommend I approach the workload?

At the end of the webinar series, join us for a bonus episode where Andrew will take you behind the scenes of what goes into creating a certification at Microsoft.

Interested in registering for the other webinars? You can find registration links for all the webinars in this post: Get Microsoft 365 Developer Certified - FREE webinar series!

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Andrew Connell is a web developer with a focus on Microsoft Azure & Microsoft 365. He’s received Microsoft’s MVP award every year since 2005 and has helped thousands of developers through the various courses he’s authored & taught. Andrew’s the founder of Voitanos and is dedicated to delivering industry-leading on-demand video training to professional developers. He lives with his wife & two kids in Florida.