Women in Technology, SharePoint, my MSCloudShow Interview with Cathy Dew and my #IStandByYou Pledge

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 9:52 AM

Recently I sat down with fellow MVP Cathy Dew to interview her for my podcast, the Microsoft Cloud Show. In this interview we discussed gender inequality in the workplace, specifically in the IT industry. Cathy has invested a lot of time and energy into this over the years. She’s the one behind Women in SharePoint, various luncheons and meetups at conferences and events for women to network and discuss various topics. A few months ago Cathy and I were both at the SPTechCon conference in Boston and got to talking about some of her recent work and experiences. While I thought I was aware of the issues around gender inequality in the IT workforce, I was taken back by some of the stories she was sharing with me so we decided to do an episode on it.

Today that episode has gone live: Episode 142 | Women in Technology and #IStandByYou with Cathy Dew

Diversity in our IT space is a topic that’s always bothered me. For me, it’s irritating to be at a conference to see certain races, religions, and genders so under-represented. So commonly we see the attendees at conferences dominated by white men. Diversity in the workplace, just like in daily life, is an important thing from my point of view as it brings different perspectives, opinions and experiences to the discussion table making not only the work output but the work experiences better for everyone involved.

In this interview Cathy and I talked about various things she’s been working on, from her work with Women in Technology & Women in SharePoint, but also with a new campaign that she’s spearheaded called #IStandByYou. In this campaign, you make a commitment to do something in this space that you’ll fulfill within 365 days. In our interview Cathy shared her #IStandByYou pledge: to launch a dedicated podcast on Women in Technology that will have a number of different hosts and perspectives. This is something I had been talking to her about for a while and I’m thrilled she’s pushing forward ont his!

In addition to Cathy’s pledge, I shared my pledge which is actually a pledge by myself, Chris Johnson (my podcast co-host) and on behalf of the Microsoft Cloud Show: we will leverage our current processes and resources to make this podcast become a reality! Cathy’s podcast will leverage the same producer, workflow, back office, hosting and publication that CJ and I have stood up for our podcast so that she can focus on the content, not on the work around it. Hopefully, this will help the show into the earbuds of more listeners quicker!

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