Wrap-up of my Presentations at the Microsoft Build Conference April 2015

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 12:22 PM

Last week I presented at the Microsoft Build conference which was a special treat as it was the first Build conference I’ve attended. I presented two breakout sessions… the slides and video are now online for you to watch

699 - Building Office Add-ins using Node.js

Session 699 video & slides on Channel 9

In this session I showed how you can use Node.js to build websites that deliver Office Add-ins. Sure you can use ASP.NET or any other tech because the architecture is technology agnostic. I love this approach to just saying “build a web app & give us an XML file to tell us about your app… then you go from there” when creating Office Add-ins. Such a compelling story too… install an Office Add-in to one of your Office clients like Outlook and the app will work across all platforms that support Office Add-ins including Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. Right now support isn’t in all platforms, but Microsoft is focused on getting things up to date ASAP.

You can find the code for this session in a folder within my GitHub repository pres-o365-node / officeaddin-outlook

Interested in learning more? Check out the session:

689 - Building a Single Page App Using Angular and Typescript Using Office 365 APIs

Session 689video & slides on Channel 9

In this session by good friend Dan Wahlin and I showed why we like TypeScript so much specifically for Angular based development. Personally, I’m using TypeScript for anything I was using JavaScript for… that includes client-side, server-side work with Node.js or io.js & even for my build process in my gulp task files.

Another big thing that Dan & I showed off was the absolutely incredible ADAL JS library from AzureAD and support for the OAuth implicit flow as well as the support for CORS that Office has added for so many of their APIs.

Not only can you check out the completed code sample that we showed in this session, but you can even run through a hands-on lab to build the solution out. Check out the OfficeDev Training Content repo, specifically course O3657-2!

You’ll notice that the first part of the video got clipped off. That’s my bad… somehow my mic got switched off in my pocket before the session started. No worries… all you missed was me introducing the session & explaining what we were going to cover.

Express Talk - Running Office 365 apps on a Raspberry Pi 2 with AzureAD & Node.js

In this little 15 minute express talk, I showed how you can use a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B to run a Node.js website that authenticates with AzureAD & consumes the Office 365 APIs. Interested in learning more, getting the code & checking out the demo video? Check my blog post with all the details: Get Node.js Apps Running on a Raspberry Pi 2 that Use AzureAD, ADAL, TypeScript & Office 365 APIs.

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