Wrap-up of my Presentations at the Microsoft Ignite Conference May 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015 5:58 AM

This week I presented at Microsoft’s first Ignite Conference in Chicago, IL. This was by far the biggest conference I’ve attended or been a part of coming in at around 22,000 people. The first day when I walked into the expo and saw the sea of people, I immediately thought “oh man, this isn’t my cup of tea.” It will be interesting to see how people react and what the feedback is to an event that was this big. I get both sides of it… one event is better than multiple events for everyone… but there are downsides as many folks couldn’t get into the sessions they wanted to see due to overflow and capacity issues.

I had a pretty busy week and I was on there for three days! On Saturday I flew from San Francisco as I had been at the Microsoft Build Conference & I headed home on Tuesday evening. Why so quick? Because it was the third week in a row of conferences for me spanning London, Paris, San Francisco & Chicago… I was ready to get home.

PreCon Workshop - Office 365 Developer Ramp Up

First up, Scot Hillier & I kicked off the week with a full-day pre-conference session getting people up to speed on Office 365 development tech. We started with classic web development stuff and moved all the way through OAuth2, AzureAD & the Office 365 APIs.

Channel9 Interview - Running Office 365 Apps on a Raspberry Pi2 with Azure AD and Node.js

This was a treat… I’m a big fan of C9 and when given the op to participate in an interview with Seth Juarez, I jumped on it. This went nicely with my theater talk (see below). We talked about Office 365, what development opportunities are like and then I showed my edgy demo of running a Node.js site that uses AzureAD and Office 365 APIs.

Theater Talk - Running Office 365 Apps on a Raspberry Pi2 with Azure AD and Node.js

Immediately after my interview with Seth on C9, and I mean like within 10 minutes of walking off the stage, I had the op to give a 15 minute presentation on the same topic in the Office 365 area on the expo floor. The place was packed! Unfortunately I know a few missed it as the time for this presentation had to be changed and the conference mobile app never updated the time, but we did our best to let folks know via Twitter & on the Ignite website.

The big surprise? Everyone who attended got a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B! Now that’s pretty cool and a great give away @OfficeDev. If you missed the talk, you can check out the blog post that explains how to do it and includes the code & a video of the demo in this post: Get Node.js Apps Running on a Raspberry Pi 2 that Use AzureAD, ADAL, TypeScript & Office 365 APIs.

Breakout Session - BRK4123 | Building Business Apps Like They Do in the Valley with Angular, Node.js, and More

And finally, I had a single breakout presentation this week. This was a lot of fun and I’ll admit I wish I had cut out about 5 minutes of slides so I had more time to talk about Angular at the end… my bad on that one.

Heading into this talk we were a little nervous as the room had a registration of 350-400% of the room capacity. I took this picture just 10 minutes before the session started… notice how many people are lined up against the walls and that the doors are shut… they stopped letting people in!

I’m not sure what the draw was… was it Node.js? Angular? The “in the valley” comment that was meant to be a bit of a humor angle to the title? Who knows… thankfully they streamed the session live in the Office 365 pavilion:

It was very cool to see the interest in using Node.js for Office applications, be them web applications, Office Add-ins or whatever you’re building to work with the Office 365 platform.

Unfortunately a bunch of people could see the talk because the room was at capacity. I wish we could have repeated the session later in the week, but as I said earlier, I took off to head home almost immediately after this session as I had a 6:30p flight out. But if you missed it, you can at least watch the video here on Channel9… there’s even a little easter egg pot shot at IT Pros from us developers in the first 60 seconds :)

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