Real World Branding with SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites

Learn essential concepts to help you create engaging user interface designs in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 publishing sites.


  • Introduction to Real World Branding with SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites
  • Gathering Design Requirements for a SharePoint Publishing Site
  • Planning for SharePoint Branding Tasks
  • Creating Realistic Design Comps for SharePoint Site Designs
  • Creating the Adventure Works Travel HTML
  • Creating .css files for Adventure Works Travel
  • Testing SharePoint Webpage Design in Multiple Browsers
  • Creating the Brand in SharePoint
  • Adding .css and Image Files to SharePoint
  • Building the Master Page with HTML
  • Building Out .css Rules for the SharePoint Site Design
  • Creating a Custom Page Layout
  • Editing a Page Layout with SharePoint Designer
  • Packaging and Deploying SharePoint Branding

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 publishing sites use Publishing Features to provide capabilities to create engaging web content management (WCM) sites. Frequently used as Internet-facing websites, these sites require the use of custom-designed user interfaces (UIs) to establish an online corporate identity. Creating custom-designed UIs, either on a traditional HTML page or in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, is known as website branding.

Publishing sites use master pages, page layouts, Web Parts, and cascading style sheets (.css files) to enable designers and developers to create branded websites with designs that can rival those of many current and popular websites today.

This article focuses on the mechanics of properly planning and creating a design for an external, Internet-facing website with a publishing site.

The article uses a fictitious travel company, Adventure Works Travel, as an example of a company that wants to create an extensively branded SharePoint site.

Andrew Connell
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Written by Andrew Connell

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