Manage fleet vehicles with SharePoint sample workflow

The sample fleet manager workflow for SharePoint helps manage a company's fleet of vehicles by starting a workflow when a new vehicle is added

This sample allows a company, such as a cable company, to better manage is fleet of vehicles. A fleet manager workflow instant starts when a new vehicle is added to the fleet (as an item in a SharePoint list).

Three months (simulated in the sample as three minutes, but easily changed) following the last maintenance cycle, the workflow instance takes the vehicle out of service and assigns a task to the maintenance department to do an oil change. When the task is completed, the vehicle is put back in service. If out-of-cycle maintenance is required on a vehicle, the app allows users to enter a maintenance request. This maintenance request page sends a custom event to the workflow to put the vehicle into maintenance.

Warning: MSDN Archived
When Microsoft retired their MSDN site, it impacted their Code Samples. Therefore, the link referenced for this sample may no longer work.
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