Pluralsight: SharePoint 2010 Developer Ramp-Up - Part 2: Solutions, Features, Pages and Extending the UX

This course is the SharePoint 2010 user experience course for developers. In this course you'll learn how to create different types of custom pages and extend the SharePoint ribbon. In addition students will also learn all about the different types of development of pages, both customized and uncustomized pages. In addition, students will learn how to create custom Web Parts complete with persistent properties and customize the verbs menu.

Course Description

SharePoint extensibility has traditionally been done using solution packages (*.wsp’s). The two types of solutions, farm and sandbox, are covered in depth in this module. Students will learn when they are available depending on the deployments, what you can and can’t do with them as scenarios when they are applicable. Next, SharePoint 2013 introduces a new way to extend SharePoint sites: the SharePoint App Model. This module will cover everything students need to know about the SharePoint App Model including how to deploy them to the Marketplace to monetize your projects.

Module 1: Creating Sandboxed Solutions

Microsoft introduced the concept of sandbox solutions which empower site collection owners to deploy custom code without access to the servers or involvement by the IT group. In this module you’ll learn how to create sandbox solutions, the limitations that come along with them as well as how to break out of the sandbox.

Module 2: Pages and Navigation

In this module you will learn how to create custom application pages as well as content pages and the details around customizing pages. In addition this module will also dive into the aspects of customizing the SharePoint user interface for custom branding experiences as well as customizing and extending the SharePoint Ribbon.

Module 3: Developing Web Parts

In this module you will learn how to create custom Web Parts as well as address the complex scenarios such as creating custom verbs menus, custom editor parts, connecting two or more Web Parts together and leveraging asynchronous programming techniques.

Andrew Connell
Developer & Chief Course Artisan, Voitanos LLC. | Microsoft MVP
Written by Andrew Connell

Andrew Connell is a web & cloud developer with a focus on Microsoft Azure & Microsoft 365. He’s received Microsoft’s MVP award every year since 2005 and has helped thousands of developers through the various courses he’s authored & taught. Andrew’s the founder of Voitanos and is dedicated to helping you be the best Microsoft 365 web & cloud developer. He lives with his wife & two kids in Florida.