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Series: AC's WCM Custom Commands for STSADM.EXE

In the process of developing a Publishing site (aka: WCM site) in SharePoint 2007, I've been building a few utilities that have helped me in accomplishing my goal, and I've decided to share these. This page contains my custom STSADM.EXE commands I've written for Web Content Management (WCM) developers. I'll use this page to serve as my documentation, making available the latest build of my custom commands, etc.

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    AC's WCM Custom Commands for STSADM.EXE

    Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) v3 includes a command line utility for administrators that allows you to perform numerous actions against your WSS v3 or Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 implementation. This utility, STSADM.EXE can be found in the [...]\12\BIN\ directory. The new version of STSADM.EXE includes the capability to add your own custom commands. This is a great vehicle for implementing your own custom administrative utilities instead of writing a separate command line or WinForm application to perform the same process.
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    AC's WCM Custom Commands for STSADM.EXE - Change Log

    This page contains a complete log of all additions and updates to [AC’s WCM Custom Commands for STSADM.EXE.