Series: Virtualization

This is a collection of articles related to Microsoft's VirtualPC & Hyper-V virtualization products that i've written about.

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    Improving SharePoint Performance with Parallels Desktop

    Blog post discusses working with virtual machines for SharePoint projects, and how the author sought a more efficient approach.
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    HOWTO: Squeeze Every Last Drop of Performance Out of Your Virtual PCs

    In my last article on virtualization with Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2004 SP1, I covered how you can use Differencing Disks to your advantage . However, in retrospect, this article was posted a bit out of order. The article below should have been posted first. Before you start building out your Virtual PC’s, you should first be aware of how to squeeze out every last drop of performance. After all you’re running a machine within a machine, so it’s going to be a bit slower than the host, and thus, why not make it as fast as possible!
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    HOWTO: Use Virtual PCs Differencing Disks to your Advantage

    I’ve used Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 for SharePoint and other dev projects & believe other server software devs share similar experiences.