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    Blog: HowTo Setup: Orchard CMS Source Enlistment for Local Dev and Automated Git Publishing to Azure

    I’m not thrilled with this post title, but it does say what I’m trying to convey in this post. In a recent post I explained where I was and what I was trying to achieve. Ultimately my goal was the following (stolen from my previous post): I wanted to easily get the most recent changes from the master Orchard source tree. I then wanted to easily make edits and changes to that tree but keep them separate but I also wanted to easily make contributions to the Orchard project and submit changes as a Git pull request.
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    Blog: Upgrading Orchard CMS from 1.6 to 1.7.1

    Earlier this year, in March of 2013 ( all posts on the topic ), I relaunched my site using the open source CMS engine Orchard CMS . I based my deployment on the 1.6 release which was the most current stable release at the time. I’ve been very pleased with the engine and have enjoyed doing some customizations to the codebase as well not to mention some minor contributions to the project in the documentation and bug fix areas.
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    Blog: My New Blog: Why Orchard as the Engine & Azure as the Host?

    Ever since the original post when I said I was going to make the changes to my site , the number one question I kept hearing was “why Orchard” as the engine for the new site. Of course the next question I got is “why not SharePoint” and of course “why not Wordpress.” I found it interesting was that no one asked “why Azure?” I guess that was the no brainer…