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    Blog: To PaaS or to IaaS, THAT is the Question!

    This is an excerpt of a post on the Kerrb Blog: To PaaS or to IaaS, THAT is the Question! My turn to weigh in on this debate! Before I dive in, let me explain briefly what this is all about. When moving an app to the cloud, or creating a new app, you primarily have two choices for how you will do it. One option is using infrastructure as a service (IaaS) which involves using virtual machines hosted in the cloud or platform as a service (PaaS) where you build an app that consumes services offered by the hoster such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).
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    Blog: Kerrb Update - The Engine is Now Shutting Down VMs!

    Earlier this week the Kerrb engine shut down it’s first Microsoft Azure virtual machine (VM)! We’ve been hard at work on the internal scheduling and automation engine as that’s the core piece. We call this component the Zvezda after the ISS module with the same name that provides all life support systems to the space station. We’ve also launched a survey… please take a moment to check out the blog post on the update , fill out our survey and sign up for the mailing list !
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    Blog: Interviewed on the latest SharePoint Podshow Episode

    In the latest episode of the SharePoint Podshow, episode 87 , I got interviewed with my own podcast co-host Chris Johnson by Rob Foster. This interview took place in late 2013 so it might be a bit dated, but still a great listen! We talked about our podcast as well as our startup
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    Blog: Kerrb: Get a free 5 part Getting Started with Azure Virtual Machines Guide!

    While I’m hard at work on my SaaS startup , Kerrb , we thought we’d put together a little getting started guide for folks who want to look at using virtual machines (VM) in Azure for their development environments. For now you’ll need to make sure you shut the VMs off yourself, but in the not too distant future we’ll have some stuff to share to show you how we cna help you automate this task, as well as others!
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    Blog: A Look Into Our Plans for Kerrb

    This excerpt is cross-posted from my post on the Kerrb Blog which you can read in it’s entirety here . With this post, I want to take the opportunity to introduce the folks behind Kerrb and share with you some the behind the scenes with respect to our plans and how we are marching towards launch. First, our mission is to automate the cloud. This will start with a single feature: automatically shutting off virtual machines (VMs) running in Windows Azure VMs .
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    Blog: My First SaaS Product: Kerrb – Automating the Cloud & Controlling your Spend

    Today is an exciting day for me. Today, in this post, I state my current plans for my first software product, a SaaS app. Well, technically this is my second SaaS app as I see my Pluralsight training courses as a SaaS app being that they generate recurring royalty revenues. Product development is something I’ve always wanted to do, armed with an idea that has a market and some key players who’ve expressed interest, now is as great a time as ever.