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    Blog: I'll be presenting at the Jacksonville Code Camp in Jacksonville, FL (August 29th, 2009)

    I mentioned there was an open call for speakers the other day… looks like my session was picked! Hope to see you there! High Performance Solutions on SharePoint Server 2007Performance should be one of the top areas of focus on everyone’s mind when embarking on a Internet facing SharePoint Server 2007 site. In this session we’ll look at the built-in caching capabilities. Topics include object model techniques, how to properly manage memory in order to avoid the dreaded OutOfMemory exception, key sizing numbers to keep in mind when architecting your implementation and minimizing the page payload to speed up those page load times.
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    Blog: My recent lack of blogging

    In general, you may notice that the last few weeks I haven’t been blogging much. There has been a ton of news related to MCMS 2002 and SharePoint, but I haven’t published it on my blog (like other bloggers are) in recent weeks. I’ve been quite consumed by events inside and outside of work over the last month: worked two 80hr+ weeks leading up to a massive MCMS-SharePoint site implementation, launched said MCMS-SPS site, had our first baby , and my dad went in for emergency quad bypass surgery (2 day’s after my son was born… he’s doing great BTW).
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    Blog: Podcasting & Photo blogging

    Two things out in the blogosphere are being talked about… one I know of, the other I’m still digging around on: Podcasting & Photoblogs. Podcasting: I think the name comes from the iPod… basically it’s a blog audio attachment (like an email attachment). It’s picking up steam and some people really like it. Some of Angus’ comments on the problems with podcasting are shared by this blogger. I haven’t been impressed, don’t plan to jump on board, and of the feeds I’ve listened to, I still like webcasts more.
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    Blog: My new toy: Sony Hanycam DCR-HC40

    With a baby on the way, and a freelance project out the door (with paycheck in tow), we decided to get a camcorder. You only get those baby videos one time right? And this is something I dnd’t want to wait around and do research on in December… right up to the last minute. A few weeks ago I did a bunch of research on camcorders, not knowing much about them (even though I’m already a bit of a photography buff).
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    Blog: When I win the lotto...

    We all have that dream right? Well, when I win and I have more time to do my own pet projects, I’m going to do my personal media center, which will have hooks to Windows Media Center & Tivo’s Home Media Option … but more importantly it will make it easy to rename your digital photos, catalog your movies, backup personal media, even have a slick ID3 tagger for MP3/WMA files.
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    Blog: The Life of a Digital Photo

    I’m very eager to see some of the efforts from MSR reach the mass market soon… Researchers at Microsoft have been working on a wide range of technologies that will help people write their personal histories through digital photography. To tell any history, it’s best to start at the beginning, and move forward. ยป The Life of a Digital Photo Personal information stored in a your calendar, address book, and email app can provide clues for photo searches.
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    Blog: Renaming digital photos

    Got a digicam? What’s the most frustrating part of digital pictures? Organization I say! The obvious, organize by date. So I have a pretty easy folder structure setup where I have folders of years, and then all the images inside subfolders that correspond to when they were taken (see image). However, the images are all still named the DC0001, etc. How do you find your pictures? Well, you could rename all of them (my first .
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    Blog: Picture Utility

    When .NET first came out, I start a project to: learn the .NET Framework learn C# fill my need of a digital photo mass-renamer This app is free and anyone can use it. It will resize pictures for you, rotate, and help you do a mass renaming of a bunch of pictures. Feel free to nab if it you want… keep it in mind it was done right when the Framework came out (RTM v1.
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    Blog: Q: What happened to the Photo Album on my site?

    I had a photo album on my site but unfortunately it’s not there anymore. why? well it was mistake part. host recently provided web interface for managing front page subwebs. i created one album, then decided wasn’t necessary so deleted the subweb. Surprise! I didn’t know that this also removed the underlying directory and all files within that directory (and subdirs). So… what now? Instead of taking the time to resize all the pictures that were up there, I’m just going to add new pictures.