Mastering the SharePoint Framework: On-Demand Video Course for Developers

In this course, you will get up to speed and master the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). SPFx is the recommended & premiere way to customize and extend the modern experience in SharePoint Online, as well as SharePoint Server 2019 & 2016. Choose between three course bundles, including the entirely free STARTER bundle!

This course, Mastering the SharePoint Framework, is your best resource available to learn this new development model to extend and customize SharePoint. Whether you are just starting out and need the basics, or you are an experienced developer looking to dive deep into the nuts and bolts, I have a package for you! And not to worry, if you start with the basics and find yourself wanting more, you can always upgrade to the next level!

Your one-time purchase (not a recurring subscription) gives you immediate access to the paid versions of the course. This also includes access to all future chapters & lessons and refreshed content!

Learn more about the course on Mastering the SharePoint Framework!

Starter Bundle

The Starter Bundle is completely free and includes three (3) chapters introducing the course and what you can expect to learn, answers the “what” & “why” about the SharePoint Framework and finally introduces the development toolchain as well as walking you through setting up your SharePoint Framework development environment.

Chapter List

  1. Course Overview
  2. Introducing the SharePoint Framework
  3. Setting Up Your Development Environment

Not sure if you want to get started or if this is the right course for you? Try it out! The Starter is 100% free and is just like the rest of the course. It’s a perfect try before you buy to see if you like the format & style.

Give it a shot and sign up today… you don’t have anything to lose!

What do you get in this bundle?

  • 2+ hours of instruction & demos
  • step-by-step video demos showing how to setup your developer environment
  • on-demand access to all video demos
  • evergreen content

Fundamentals Bundle

If you need to understand the core parts of being productive with the SharePoint Framework, the Fundamentals Bundle is for you! Packed with over fifteen (15) hours of instruction, you will learn how to build client-side web parts, use React, AngularJS, Knockout, jQuery and the Office UI Fabric to customize your SharePoint deployment.

Chapter List

  1. Your First SharePoint Framework Project
  2. Dig Into the SharePoint Framework
  3. Client-Side Web Parts
  4. Property Panes for Client-Side Web Parts
  5. Leveraging External Files & Libraries
  6. Extensions
  7. Logging & Debugging SharePoint Framework Solutions
  8. Creating SharePoint Assets & the Feature Framework
  9. Deployment to Production
  10. Upgrading & Versioning Solutions
  11. Working with jQuery in SharePoint Framework Solutions
  12. Working with React in SharePoint Framework Solutions
  13. Branding & Design: CSS, Themes, and the Office UI Fabric
  14. SharePoint Data Access with SPHttpClient
  15. Leveraging External APIs in SharePoint Framework Solutions
  16. Leveraging the Microsoft Graph with MSGraphClient

Are you just getting started with the SharePoint Framework? Are you an independent developer or work for a small development shop / in-house development department? Maybe the Fundamentals bundle is perfect for you.

You will learn all the core parts of the SharePoint Framework to be productive right away. You can always upgrade to the Ultimate bundle later if you find yourself wanting more!

What do you get in this bundle?

  • Includes everything in the Starter Bundle PLUS…
  • 16 chapters covering core development concepts on SharePoint Framework
  • 9+ hours of instruction & demos
  • Code downloads of all demos in the course

Ultimate Bundle

For developers who are looking to become a master of all things related to the SharePoint Framework, this is the bundle for you! The Ultimate Bundle will contain the content from the Starter & Fundamentals Bundles, as well as many more chapters that will help you master the SharePoint Framework. Learn how to collaborate with a team of developers, implement robust test processes, implement a CI / CD process, measure and analyze the usage of your customizations and more!

Chapter List

  1. Connecting Web Parts and other SPFx Components with Dynamic Data
  2. Working with Angular in SharePoint Framework Solutions
  3. Automated Testing of SharePoint Framework Solutions
  4. Localizing SharePoint Framework Projects
  5. Team-Based Development
  6. Creating Custom Gulp Tasks
  7. Customizing and Extending Webpack
  8. Client-Side Web Parts - Advanced SPAs, Microsoft Teams & More
  9. Property Panes for Client-Side Web Parts - Advanced Topics (coming soon)
  10. Usage Tracking & Analytics in SPFx Solutions (coming soon)
  11. Sharing Code Across SPFx Projects (coming soon)
  12. Implementing CI/CD: Automating SPFx Builds, Tests & Deployments with Azure Pipelines (coming soon)

This is the most popular bundle among my customers. Most people get it all; they want all the content, they want access to the private student-only user group reserved for Ultimate subscribers and access to the monthly office hours

What do you get in this bundle?

  • Includes everything in the Fundamentals Bundle PLUS…
  • 9+ additional chapters on advanced development concepts on SharePoint Framework
  • 9+ hours of instruction & demos
  • Invitations to attend regular office hours, hosted by Andrew Connell, to answer your burning questions
  • Access to private student user group
  • Code downloads of all demos in the course